A combination of browser extension, Windows application and online profile builder, CyDec's Anti-Fp is a standalone capability that provides you the ability to granularly manage your projected signature in order to disrupt fingerprint targeting.

Multi-Browser Support

The extension is available for Firefox and 8 Chromium variants. The application supports Windows 7 SP1+.

Coordinated Fingerprints

Do you use multiple browsers? Once a fingerprint profile is created it can easily be applied to one or more browsers for a coordinated result.

Per-Browser or Per-Domain

Fingerprint profiles can be applied to specific browsers or specific domains for a highly precise spoofing.

Detailed Profiles

With Anti-Fp, you can change almost all aspects of your browser's signature with options to block, spoof, or randomize the returned values.

Privacy and Security

We respect your privacy and do NOT collect browsing data. Additionally, information can be stored in an encrypted, password-protected database.


Fingerprint profiles can be scheduled for specific days and times in order to provide automatic signature diversity.

Extension, Windows Application,

The browser extension works hand-in-hand with the associated Windows application and While you can still use the extensions without the application or web-site, the full power is only available when used together.

By combining the extension with an application, Anti-Fp allows you to manage 10 different browsers from a single user interface.


Power and Control

Anti-Fp has over a hundred individual settings spread across 16 categories that can be changed which allows you to create highly realistic and targeted profiles to project the exact fingerprint you desire. Explore them below.

Accept Header

The Accept request HTTP header advertises which content types, expressed as MIME types, the client is able to understand.

You can read more about the Accept Header at:
Mozilla Devloper Network

Create and assign fingerprint profiles.

Assign profiles to a specific browser.

Assign profiles to specific domains.

Sync your profiles to your private repository.

View fingerprinting alerts.

Get real-time notifications.

Primary extension popup view.

Control profiles for specific targeting.

List of available deceptions. online profile builder.

Browser Fingerprinting

You may be asking why your browser can be fingerprinted in the first place. Basically, browsers leak a lot of information. From the browser type and version to the operating system and hardware specific details, this data is designed to provide websites the information they need to serve the best possible web experience. However, with any type of unique data that is available for collection, it can also be used for malicious purposes.

What's worse is that even simply blocking JavaScript is not enough to protect you. Not only would the web stop working, browser headers still provide identifiable data. And sometimes even using different browsers can still produce identifiable fingerprints.

In order to truly protect your signature, a comprehensive deception capability like CyDec Anti-Fp is necessary to block, spoof, and randomize both JavaScript values and browser headers. If you want to see the data your browser is leaking, try the EFF and BrowserLeaks links to the right.


Even though it was already mentioned, it is worth repeating in that we do not collect browsing data. In order to provide the per-domain targeting, the extension reports visited domains to the application. The domain data is then written to the local database, which can be optionally password protected. The per-domain reporting and targeting must be enabled in both the extension and in the application. You can disable the extension from collecting and reporting visited domains and you can prevent the application from saving recieved domains. These options are disabled by default and must be enabled before per-domain targeting can be used.

Download Anti-Fp

Anti-Fp licenses will no longer be sold and the extension will no longer be published in the browser stores. You can continue to download and use the extension and application if you already have a license.


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Architecture:x86 / x64
OS:Windows 7+
Released:29 Dec 2021

A note about anti-virus false positives.


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