Deception Shouldn't Be Hard

CyDec Security is focused on developing easy-to-use and accessible products that provide an added layer of protection to defend your privacy and security. Whether it's blocking ad-trackers online through fingerprint spoofing or catching ransomware in the act with advanced file system deceptions, CyDec Security is geared towards everyday users that expect more than what typical security solutions deliver.

So, why try what CyDec Security has to offer?


CyDec Security provides cutting-edge deception capabilities to protect your privacy and security.


Our tools aren't just for enterprise customers. We make using deception simple and affordable.


A range of tools are available to protect you both online and off.


Intuative interfaces, ample documentation and responsive help makes CyDec Security a no-brainer.

Broad Coverage

CyDec Security protects you both online and off. Our browser focused capabilities help protect and harden your online activities while our Windows agents can provide an added layer of defense through Active Directory, file system, network, process and registry deceptions.


A combination of browser extension, Windows application and online profile builder, Anti-Fp provides you the ability to granularly manage your projected browser signature in order to disrupt fingerprint targeting.

Browser Bubble

Browser Bubble takes browser deception to the next level. With virtual machine-like isolation without the virtual machine, Browser Bubble completely isolates a browser instance at the file system, network and registry level to provide a browsing protection and privacy unlike any other solutions.

Deception Tools

A kitbag of highly configurable and easily manageable cyber deception capabilities designed to draw adversaries away from your valuable data and identify enemy movement within your environment.

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About Us

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